Female Superheroes: She-Ra

Female Superheroes: She-Ra

Real Name: Princess Adora
Kidnapped by the Horde as a baby to do the Horde's bidding, Princess Adora does not realize her birthright as She-Ra until she encounters her brother He-Man in an alternate dimension, where he was captured. The siblings do not recognize each other, as He-Man's mind (and all those in his dimension home) had been erased of her memory. The sword that He-Man carries with him, however, draws Adora to it. Seeing the Sorceress in the sword (one of the only people that still hold memory of her as a child), Adora recognizes her heritage and frees He-Man from captivity. Finally able to go home, Adora realizes that her rightful place is with the people she has come to know under the Horde's rule and returns to join the cause in freeing them.
Female Superheroes

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