Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde

The young female hero is an important archetype in comic book, and one for which we considered many representatives, including DC’s Donna Troy and Starfire. In the end, however, Kitty Pryde is the candidate that best represents the heroic ingénue, serving as the window into the X-Men for an entire generation of fans.
Kitty may have been a superhero from very early on, but she was also a regular teenager with interests, attitudes, and character dynamics that made her a perfect POV character for the intense soap opera of the X-Men. But even more than that, Kitty has been able to grow and adapt in a way most comic book characters – let alone female comic book characters – are never allowed to do.

Comic book fans have watched Kitty grow from an excitable teenager, to a competent superhero, to a ninja and espionage expert, and finally into her current role as one of the leaders of the Guardians of the Galaxy, having taken the role of Star-Lord from her one-time fiancée Peter Quill.

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